New Frontiers in Naturopathic Medicine – Staying Current

CNDA is the California Naturopathic Doctors Association. It is the state organization for licensed Naturopathic Doctors. Every year as a naturopathic doctor, I am required to complete continuing education to maintain my license, and conferences like this one are a way to get those education credits. The theme for the conference this year was “New Frontiers in Naturopathic medicine”. The topics ranged from treating trauma as part of a holistic treatment plan, regenerative medicine including joint injection and aesthetic therapies, Parkinson’s disease, mold illness and mast cell activation syndrome.

It was wonderful to meet other naturopathic doctors practicing in the state of California and beyond and to share about how our therapies have helped so many of our patients. The topics were all relevant to what we offer here at Revolutions Naturopathic and are helping me hone in on the best recommendations I can make for each patient and their individual circumstances. We are really living up to our name here at Revolutions, staying current with offering the latest therapies alongside those that are traditional, time tested, and even some with ancient roots.