Muscle Power

As one of the doctors who perform prolotherapy for musculoskeletal complaints on our clinic, I was reminded of an important aspect needed for improved body movement at a recent conference—the value of strength training.  Weight lifting has many benefits that are often overlooked because it is usually associated with buffed out men or zealous posers at the gym.  Even though physique may have aesthetic appeal to some, the benefits of implementing it outweigh any negative connotations.  When talking about physical activity, Sacramento residents popularly speak of cycling, hiking and yoga as favorites.  However, this is mainly cardiovascular exercise with minimal to no stress of muscle building.  

Muscular integrity is part of the strength foundation that defines your mobility, strength, stamina and ability to recover.

Some reasons to make sure strength training is part of your physical activity or workout routine:

  • Ability to abate injury in an accident/trauma
  • More potent in decreasing fat tissue
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Increase testosterone
  • Improve metabolism

Lifting can be done with barbells, free weights, machines and kettle balls.  It is recommended that it is done 2-4 times weekly for at least 30-40 minutes.  Also, look into getting a strength and conditioning coach to perfect your form and avoid injury. Group classes can be very reasonable in cost and you get the added benefit of a team to train with – for camaraderie, motivation, and accountability.