More Conferences! Vacation fun!

December is traditionally a busy month for most people, including myself, and this past December was no exception. In addition to the holiday hustle and bustle I had the opportunity to go to yet ANOTHER Anti Aging Medicine conference. 

But Dr. Brinkley, didn’t you JUST go to a conference in September? 

Why yes, and at that conference, I was extraordinarily lucky and WON (at a raffle) a follow up conference which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. What’s luckier than that? 

While at my super lucky free conference I gleaned some new information from the latest research on birth control, hormone replacement therapy, ways to help reduce opioid use, and a whole day on peptides! The conference was 4 days long, so I am summarizing quite a bit. I also was able to go with my practice partner Dr. Raithel (who was attending a different conference focused exclusively on Endocrinology). 

I was also extremely fortunate to have my mother and sister visit and stay for the Christmas holiday and took an (sorely needed) entire week off to enjoy time with them.

I am now back in the office and excited to delve back into helping my patients feel their absolute best. 

How were your holidays?