Are You Sick of Mold?

Mold exposure can be devastating. It can wreak havoc on our sinuses, lungs, skin, digestive tract and even dysregulate our whole immune system. It can make you feel like you are going crazy because your symptoms can go up and down and change. You might be the only one in your house who is sick and you can’t figure out why.

I recently spent a day deepening my understanding of how mold affects our health and what to do about it. Dr. Jill Christa, ND is one of the foremost experts about mold illness in the world today, and I had the privilege of taking her master class! If you have been effected by mold, you may have heard of Dr. Christa or found her book “Break the Mold“. Her approach to this devastating environmental illness is truly holistic and has helped thousands of patients.

I am honored to learn from her and to pass that knowledge on to my patients as I strive to better the health of the human community by rooting out the underlying issues causing dis-ease.