Migrating Pain Post Traumatic Injury

You probably know someone (maybe you are that someone) who just hurts everywhere, all the time. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis as fibromyalgia is common for these patients. Chiropractic adjustments don’t offer improvement or relief and in some cases adjustments can make the pain worse.  If you have a history of a traumatic injury and adjusting isn’t helping, you may have “Parasympathetic Nerve Signaling.”

What is Parasympathetic Nerve Signaling?

This is a remnant memory post traumatic injury. The central nervous system is continuously receiving a fight or flight signal that never turned off once the trauma had passed.  Every adjustment is being read as a new trauma.  I like to describe the situation in this way.  If a toddler were crying and hysterical, they need to be soothed and calmed down after whatever the incident was that set them off (i.e. the trauma).  With a simple neural prolotherapy treatment, it is possible to start soothing the nerves that are still in tantrum mode after the trauma has passed. However, just like an upset child, it is easy to set them off again so these treatments have to be done very close together.  This shuts down the constant ‘panic button’ feedback that the brain is receiving.  

I get further verification that we are on the right track because people that need this therapy will not jump or be at all reactive to these injections.  People will describe a lightheadedness that has to do with their brain no longer hearing panic buttons going off constantly. Good news! And once we have peeled away that layer of the onion, we can focus on whatever injury is remaining using regenerative therapies.

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