Methods of Hormone Replacement

Are you receiving hormone replacement therapy or interested in starting?  Did you know there are different ways to give hormones to both men and women?  Here are some pros and cons of different hormone delivery systems.

Topical (creams/gels) – Easier to change dosing as needed
– Non-invasive
– Rather inexpensive monthly cost
– Can transfer and expose someone else to the hormone if you do not wash hands well
– Can ‘wear down’ receptor sites on skin if you do not rotate sites of administration
Injection – Weekly or bi-weekly administration
– May offer better absorption than topical
– Invasive (use of needles)
– Possible self-injury if not administered by medical personnel
– Possible nodule formation in skin when given in the fat layer
Patches – Insurance coverage
– Cleaner application
– Easy to use
– Sensitivity to the adhesive
– Accidental removal  
Pellet implant – Short office visit
– Administered every 3-4 months
– Difficult to troubleshoot dose after pellet implant
– Invasive (incision to deliver pellets)
– Larger one-time cost
Oral (includes birth control) – Convenience
– Insurance coverage
– Special dosing available at compounding pharmacy
– Certain patient populations will not tolerate this well

If you are hesitant about starting or continuing hormone replacement therapy, there are other naturopathic ways to influence hormone balance in the body.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to see which option is best for you. New to our office? Schedule a coordination meeting at no cost.