Living with Uncertainty

COVID-19 has thrown the entire world into a state of perpetual uncertainty.  For many people this has meant the loss of a job, isolation from friends and family, and the disruption of routines and life in general. Some people have taken to these changes very well and are enjoying the slower pace of life. However, for many people, the uncertainty has caused increased stress and in some cases more of a tendency towards unhealthy habits.

There are many ways that I can help with the increased stress we are all feeling. Sometimes just talking to someone about it helps tremendously. I have a wonderful network of counselors that I work with who are seeing people via telemedicine and are there to help. We also can provide labwork to rule out other causes for the feelings you may be experiencing. One of the tests I recommend frequently is a saliva cortisol panel which shows cortisol levels throughout an entire day and is useful for identifying functional cortisol imbalances. This helps me target treatment options to help you feel better, faster.

We are all in this together!