Joint Pain? Have you heard of PRP?

Here at Revolutions I have been able to help many patients using regenerative injection therapies for many orthopedic causes.  These causes include tendonitis, arthritis, strains and chronic pain.  With one particular therapy called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a small amount of your blood is taken from you and gets concentrated in a sterile environment to be used again for treatment.  Healing factors from your blood such as platelets and growth factors are placed back into your body to initiate a healing process at the specific site of the issue. 

PRP can be used for new and old pains, sport injuries and accidents for all ages.  There is minimal pain involvement and it can reduce or completely eliminate the need for surgery.  This procedure is done with the guidance of an ultrasound imager in an office visit.  This is great opportunity to take advantage of a natural alternative for joint and muscle health and healing.  A quick consultation with the doctor can help you decide if this is the best biologic option for you. We have doctors in both our Folsom and Roseville locations who can provide this type of therapy. Interested? Give the office a call.