Immune System Optimization for Oncology Support

Most people believe that a diagnosis of cancer is a death sentence, but in reality a positive outlook along with other methods to strengthen the immune system can help to fix almost any medical condition including cancer.

The greatest strategy, of course, still remains to prevent cancer before it is ever detected in the system. Diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, water intake, breathing clean air, among other things are critical in this endeavor. Many lifestyle habits and behaviors like relaxation techniques can also be used to prevent cancer as well as to boost immunity since it is of the utmost importance for treatments.

The common assumption is that a person’s immune system is used only to fight off infections, allergies, or can be turned upon itself such as in autoimmune conditions. The reality is that the immune system can also help to kill off “bad” cells in the body including cancer as well as destroy certain cells which may be infected by viruses that can also lead to the development of cancerous cells in the future. Specific cells in the immune system such as Helper T cells, Natural Killer (NK) cells, and B cells are very important to numerous functions in the body like fighting off infections, but are also critical in regards to destroying overgrowing cells like tumors.

Many supplements, vitamins, minerals, and botanical herbs taken orally or intravenously can help to strengthen these immune cells to prevent cancer and stop viruses in their tracts. Naturopathic doctors are very keen on boosting the immune system to optimize the body’s ability to prevent and even kill off infections, viruses or cancer.

A newer and ever-growing treatment, aptly named immunotherapy, utilizes antibodies produced by the immune system to fight off cancers. Oftentimes these therapies create antibodies that can recognize specific molecular markers on tumor cells and mark them for destruction, much like in an advanced military war where drones or lasers identify enemy targets for destruction.

Learning from experts, including naturopathic doctors, regarding eating a balanced diet consisting of fresh foods, getting adequate rest and engaging in physical activity – even just doing gentle exercises – can help to boost a person’s immune system immensely.

Increased stress severely weakens the immune system so reducing stress is critical in treating cancer. Complementary therapies such as meditation, massage, and reflexology can be tremendous in reducing stress and helping with boosting the immune system.

It’s important to look after one’s own health and prevent getting completely “run down”. Your doctor can review methods, lifestyle changes as well as other treatment options and strategies to help you stay healthy and cope with life’s inevitable stresses.

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