Walk In B12 Shots Anytime!

We know you lead a busy life. When your energy is down, your muscles are sore or you're stressed out you just need to get in and get a boost to carry on with your day. No consultation required for any of the shots on our menu but you are always welcome to schedule time with a doctor and get the perfect custom shot just for your needs.

Our Most Popular Shots

Happy Hour - $15
Pure B-12 energy, an intro shot. (B12)

Moderately Complex - $20
For the undecided who want a well rounded shot that contains B1, B2, B3, B5 , B6, and B-12. (B12 and B-complex)

Limitless - $25
For the athlete, the model, and the boss—lighten your load by stimulating your energy, reducing fat and cellulite, and shedding excess weight. (B12, acetyl-L-carnitine, taurine)

Detox Cocktail - $35
Your perfect compliment to any cleanse or detox program. (B-complex, MIC, glutathione, acetyl-L-cysteine)

ViRelief - $25
Put the lid on viral infections and outbreaks, including herpes simplex virus. (B-complex, zinc, lysine)

Pain Patrol - $25
Whatever your source may be—acute trauma, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, arthritis, etc—this B shot is here to help so that you can conquer your day. (B5, B12, B-complex)

Muscle Recovery- $35
Recharge and replenish your machine so that you can get back in the game sooner. (B12, folinic acid, MIC, acetyl-L-carnitine)

Hangover Helper - $35
The right cure for the right time. (B12, MIC, B-complex, glutathione, taurine)

Be Radiant Shot Menu

Skin Soother - $30
Combat acne, rosacea, and rashes. Promote your healthy, youthful glow.
(B12, B-complex , MIC, acetyl-L-carnitine)

Beauty By the Bay - $25
Don’t be at the mercy of time. Rejuvenate your skin, increase tone, and reverse the overall aging process. (B12, MIC, biotin)

So Fine - $25
Add the missing fat-burning element to your weight loss journey. Get more energy and improve your performance. (B12, MIC, acetyl-L-carnitine)

Be Focused Shot Menu

Adrenal Amp - $30
Crank up your concentration and focus, knock down your nervousness, mental fatigue and anxiety. Perfect for your big presentation.
(B5 ,B12, folinic acid)

Emotion-Ease - $35
Be the master of your domain.
(B5, B12, B-complex, folinic acid, taurine)

Chillax - $30
Sometimes you just need a chill shot to maximize your relaxation.
(B12 , magnesium, taurine, glycine)

Be Supported Shot Menu

PMScape - $30
A girl’s best friend when she doesn’t have time for cramps. This hormone balancing shot is beneficial before or during any period of life.
(B12, B-complex , B6, magnesium)

Prostate Support - $30
Formula designed to promote essential nutrients important for men’s health.
(B5, zinc, B-complex, acetyl-L-carnitine)

D-Best - $25
Pure D3 for a boost of mental clarity, energy, and protection from diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and degenerative conditions. Limited to one injection monthly. Available only to patients with vitamin D level below 40 and tested within last 3 months. (D3 )

Iron Man - $85
Pump up your RBCs and kick your anemia to the curb with a shot of iron. Prescribed and administered in office by doctor only.
(ferrous gluconate, procaine)

Super Custom - $15 to $35
Existing Revolutions patients are encouraged to discuss which nutrient shots would be best for you directly with your doctor.

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Want to Determine Your Nutritional Deficiencies?

The easiest way to get started is to schedule a free 15 minute coordination meeting with one of our doctors to discuss what lab tests will help meet your health goals and whether we can run these tests through your insurance provider.