Healthy Airways

The key to keeping one’s airways, lungs, and the overall respiratory system healthy and clean has numerous factors playing in. Allergies, toxins, chemicals, gases, infections, and irritants are usually the greatest culprits. Maintaining healthy hygiene like covering up one’s cough, cleaning up mucous secretions, avoiding sick contacts, wearing a mouth mask, and washing hands regularly are also crucial factors.

Sometimes, despite the latest influenza (flu) vaccine shot or other vaccinations, humans will continue to get sick if the immune system is not up to par with fending off infections or clearing the body of allergens and toxins.

There are numerous methods of support which can be provided whether it involves intravenous (IV) therapies, ozone treatments, intramuscular nutrient injections, nebulized solutions for inhalation, herbal tinctures, anti-viral remedies, supplements, minerals, homeopathy, or even antibiotics if necessary.

Consulting a Naturopath allows a person to access all of these available options to avoid coming down with the flu or serious cold and cough. Sore throats, coughs, runny noses, sinuses, ear infections, and other related respiratory problems can all be related to the same culprits because the head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat are so close together anatomically in the body that the immune system has a lot of different surface areas and different regions to cover in preventing serious damage and/or infections.

Supplementing the immune system with supportive measures as mentioned earlier is the best way to keep people from becoming ill. Sleeping well, eating right, and drinking adequate water are also very important for maintaining healthy airways, but there is always better optimization which everyone can achieve following a doctor’s advice and recommendations.

Most people only think about treatment after they have already gotten sick, but prevention is key and visiting with a Naturopath can help one achieve better overall health and wellness.