Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) or “Electrosmog” is Keeping Patients Ill!

It cannot be denied any further that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are making people sick overall nowadays. According to research from Dr. Magdas Havas from Trent University, almost 33% of the population has “mild to moderate symptoms” from electro-sensitivity. This exposure to “Electrosmog” as it is referred to from cellular phones, WiFi (wireless internet), Bluetooth activity, smart meters, and cell phone towers is increasing steadily. Many times, patients or clients suffering from such exposure conditions are missed as healthcare providers likely are not paying attention to Electrosmog as a cause of such issues. Chronic diseases such as Lyme (Borreliosis), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), autism, and fibromyalgia can be improved by reducing exposure to Electrosmog along with the other supplements or treatment protocols already being used, since they can be more effective as solutions for patients. EMFs are an environmental exposure which cannot be ignored any longer just like molds, heavy metal toxicity, pure quality of water, and pure air quality. Despite the controversy of this topic in the medical field, an overwhelming amount of studies have now linked excessive EMF exposure with cancer, auto-immunity, infertility, neurological symptoms, chronic fatigue, and even poor sleep. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who is the medical director at the Sophia Health Institute has pioneered some evidence-based solutions to reducing exposure to this new environmental toxin and applying this in the functional medicine healthcare field to help patients suffering chronic illness which likely will never heal if the Electrosmog exposure is not reduced significantly. He mentioned that a clean electromagnetic environment is often the most overlooked factor in healing for patients and clients. He later includes that there are a group of Lyme disease patients who are improving and getting well versus another group who “just don’t budge” unless they follow steps to reduce Electrosmog exposure in their daily lives overall. Further investigation and studies will certainly be needed especially over the long-term, but the clinical correlation is there and exists which must be dealt with at some point by everybody.

Dr. Arsallan Ahmad, ND