Dream Catchers

Many of you may have noticed that our Roseville office is decorated with dream catchers so I thought I would tell you where they came from. The lore of my Father’s family is that my great, great, great grandmother’s tribe hid in the mountains when the native people were being collected to march on the journey that is now called the trail of tears. She escaped and fell in love with my great, great, great grandfather who was from Germany. In order to protect her from the retribution that was so common at the time they hid her heritage and moved far away from her family so that they would be safe.

My mother was a US history teacher and worked with many learning disabled students. She found that if they did something with their hands while she taught that they would remember more and do better in her class so each year she sat on the floor in her classroom with her students showing them how to make dream catchers that they could take home to their families and told the story of the trail of tears. When she passed away I inherited the dream catchers that she had made with her students over 35 years of teaching.

Many of them were warped and couldn’t be displayed but the most beautiful ones decorate the Roseville office in the hopes that they will catch and wick away the spiritual pain that often comes with illness. Dream catchers were traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. I hope seeing them will ease whatever difficulties you are facing, whether it be problems with your gut, your heart, your hormones, your joints, or your peace of mind.