Dr. Alberts' Healing Journal Through a Deep Laser Peel

Laser peels are a fantastic and efficient way to remove the dead layer of skin cells we have. This prevents and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, and creates a smooth and even texture of the skin. Using a laser for this effect is nice because it creates a very customized and precise coverage of all of the treated skin. A routine laser peel every 3-6 months will maintain a smooth, vibrant and youthful appearance to our skin. Laser peels vary in their intensity (depth), and thus the outcome and results. For someone’s first experience with lasers, I usually recommend something light yet effective, so you can “dip your toe in the water,” so to speak (ie the NanoLaser Peel). The lighter the peel, the less downtime there will be, and vice versa. The peel I did below is a strong peel, and not typically the most common peel I perform for beginners. I did this for several reasons: It provides me with more clinical insight as to what my patients can expect to look and feel like, it makes me a better support system for my patients because I know first-hand what they’re going thru and how to provide recommendations and advice to them, and it overall makes me a better doctor. So without further ado, here we go!

(All captions refer to the photo/s immediately beneath).

Day 1. Friday night. This is immediately after the procedure. My skin feels pretty darn warm! Ice and cool compresses are necessary.


2 hours after the procedure. I appear more red now, but the heat has finally begun to dissipate. I rotated ice & cool compresses constantly for about 2 hours.


Day 2. This is the very next morning (Saturday). Even though I’m used to sleeping on my face, I was able to sleep relatively comfortable on my back, and it looks intense but actually doesn’t hurt at all. I will definitely be in pajamas and avoiding public places today… Which is good, because I’m stocked up on food, ice-cream, and wine 🙂


Day 3. Sunday morning, and headed off to the dog park! Making sure to wear a hat so I’m avoiding the sun, and I put on some sunscreen. So far it feels fine, and isn’t warm at all.

5 4

This is Sunday evening. Already a big difference from this morning. The skin is starting to heal, and it feels tight. I used cool compresses with calendula to expedite the healing process during the day, and staying moisturized with my post-laser balm, which feels really nice.

7 6

Day 4. Monday morning, and I’m off to work! Definitely not in a place where I can wear makeup just yet, but mascara is no problem, so at least my eyelashes look amazing! It doesn’t feel sore or painful today. I ended up doing a nutrient IV with ozone at work (click here to learn more about these procedures) to expedite the healing process, as I had to travel out of town on Friday for a conference.

10 9 8

Day 5. Tuesday morning at work. The IV therapy I did yesterday seemed to be really successful in helping things move along, and I finally started to peel last night. Doing my best not to pick at it (which is hard!). Hoping I can heal in time for my conference on Friday!!!

12 11

Day 6. Wednesday morning. Looking good!  Healing and peeling like a pro 🙂

15 13 14

Day 7. Thursday morning.

16 17

Day 8. Friday morning and I healed just in time to head out to my conference without looking like a burnt lizard! I’m really happy with my fresh, vibrant skin 🙂

18 19