Can I get younger?

Many factors contribute to the aging process. Menopause is a time in our lives when we really notice that our bodies aren’t as youthful as they once were. Wounds and injuries don’t heal as quickly, energy is diminished, etc. I find with many of my older patients aging has been engrained in the brain. Medicine doesn’t have a drug for aging so it is just a fact of life that you must suffer. I have seen many elderly patients who were exhausted and ready to give up because they felt so OLD. IV nutritional therapies have brought patients back to life.

High dose nutrients are difficult to absorb orally and have to go through a good deal of processing by the liver and digestive tract before they hit the blood stream and get to work. IV nutrients allow therapeutic doses of life giving vitamins and minerals to flow directly into the blood stream, washing your cells with vitality.

One of the greatest parts of naturopathic medicine is how we view the person. I see each person as a perfectly engineered machine. If the machine needs a nutrient to run properly or repair itself then that nutrient can be provided. For more information please call today for a Free 15 minute consultation 916-351-9355.

Michele Raithel, ND