Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Dermatology

One of the evolving topics discussed at the American Academy of Dermatology Summer Meeting was Artificial Intelligence and the role it plays in our future of patient care. Medicine and technology have always worked together to improve treatment for patients, but will this symbiotic relationship continue to flourish? This is an exciting time in medicine of all specialties, but what this means for dermatology patients is the possibility to achieve a quicker (and possibly, more accurate) diagnosis, and thus accelerated time to treatment. Advanced technologies could begin to take the place of currently utilized diagnostic imaging tools, which are often time consuming and expensive.

Here are several interesting articles and videos on the topic, that go into much more detail about how emerging AI technology works to execute medical-related tasks, and what its benefits and limitations might be to the future of medicine and patient care.

“What AI is — and isn’t,” Sebastian Thrun and Chris Anderson, TedTalk, April 2017

 “How AI is Making it Easier to Diagnose Disease,” Pratik Shah, TedTalk, July 2018

“AI Might be Better at Detecting Skin Cancer Than Your Derm,” Healthline News, June 2018