Anxiety: Factors and Fixes

Anxiety can be caused by many things that have nothing to do with external pressures. 

A gut feeling

Most of the serotonin produced in the body is produced in the gut. If your gut health is out of balance, your neurotransmitters may also be out of whack. IBS, SIBO, and other diseases of gut dysfunction can be a major contributor to mood and anxiety levels. 

Finding Balance

IV amino acids and other nutrient therapy, balancing gut bacteria, identifying food sensitivities, or toxic environmental exposure like mold can go a long way towards alleviating anxiety. Other causes of anxiety that are not related to external pressures include pain, hormone imbalance, adrenal insufficiency, as well as blood borne pathogens like Lyme disease. Once the cause of anxiety is identified then actions can be taken to correct the imbalance naturally. 

From the outside, in

For external causes of anxiety like work environment or contentious home environment, my strongest recommendation is to remove yourself from that influence. If that isn’t possible then exercise, hobbies that bring joy, and mini self care vacations are some of the best ways to decrease stress. Even taking a few minutes each hour to practice mindful controlled breathing can help decrease levels of stress hormone in your bloodstream.

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