Anemia and IV Iron

Iron deficiency is one of the most common issues I treat in women of reproductive age, especially if they have a vegetarian or vegan diet and/or have a heavy menstrual flow. It can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping, hair loss, and anxiety. The reason iron deficiency can have such widespread symptoms is that your red blood cells need iron to bind oxygen and carry it throughout your body. However, taking iron can be very challenging for some. While I always prescribe an iron that is gentler on the stomach, some patients still cannot tolerate it which can lead to a very long road to recovery.

If you have anemia but find it very difficult to take oral iron supplements or aren’t getting the results you would like to see, IV iron may be a treatment option for you.  At Revolutions Naturopathic we use IV Venofer which is FDA approved to treat iron-deficiency anemia and is even safe in pregnancy and lactation.

Often, anemic patients will feel a dramatic improvement in their fatigue and weakness after the first IV. Sometimes we can fully replete iron stores in just 2-3 IV sessions. This very safe treatment has very few reported side effects and the results I have seen have been amazing.

If anemia is a concern of yours, please contact the office to set up an appointment with one of our doctors. We can guide you to the most appropriate treatment to address your particular situation.