Alzheimer’s and Blood Sugar

As our aging population grows in number, healthcare must also be adept at addressing their needs.  In particular, Alzheimer’s disease has been concerning because there is no cure and pharmaceutical efficacy is not consistent.  What we are learning is that Alzheimer’s incidence can be reduced with a multi-prong approach. 

At the October 2019 Neuroscience committee, scientists from all over the world discussed the results of studies showing a strong link between diabetes and Alzheimers.  Why?  Glucose is not only crucial for metabolism of energy expenditure in the body but it is important for brain function as well.  Research has already shown that keeping lower blood sugar levels reduces diabetes, but it is now showing that lower blood sugar can decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease as well.  In addition, glucose control can improve sleep which is also necessary for optimal neurological operation. 

In the spirit of the New Year, bring all the chips to the table so that you can play to win.  Watching blood sugar can seem like a hassle but focus on discipline and not a start date. We are here to support you.