Alternatives to Knee or Shoulder Surgery

There are many degrees of joint injury.  There are also many degrees of treatment.  Don’t let a scalpel happy surgeon slice you open without knowing your options!!!

Loose ligaments? Torn ligament or meniscus?  Prolotherapy or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy are the way to go!! Depending on how severe the tear or weakness is these injections can repair the ligaments right at the site with only a few injections of completely natural substances.  Prolotherapy uses dextrose to tighten up ligaments and re-stabilize the joint.  Platelet Rich Plasma uses your own platelets extracted from your blood to deliver repairing platelets directly to the site of the tear.

You will spend a fraction of what surgery would cost and recovery time is so short you can be back on the basketball court in no time!  I have used these injections for professional athletes as well as high school players trying to get back before the season ends.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation.  I will be happy to go through the details of how these safe injection therapies work.

Are you still thinking that this is too good to be true?  Something so simple can’t work! Well, look at it this way.  Your body heals itself if given the right tools.  These injections deliver high concentrations of the nutrients and cells used in the repair process directly to the injured site.  It’s so simple.  It’s so effective.  And because it is natural, it’s so cheap compared to surgery.

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Dr. Michele Raithel, ND